Posted 25 May 2020 in Announcement

Seven in ten Australian women say COVID-19 has changed life as we know it and it will never return to the way it was before, Bauer Media’s latest consumer sentiment survey has revealed.

However, despite pessimism around the longer term impacts of the health crisis, women are feeling more positive now compared to when social restrictions were introduced.

Bauer’s latest HERpulse survey of 617 women conducted in May found nearly two thirds (65%) were ‘genuinely concerned about the future of Australia’ down from 87 percent in March. When asked to describe their current mood 38 percent felt ‘Concerned’ a drop from 84 percent in March, and just over a quarter (28%) felt ‘Stressed’ down from half (50%) two months earlier.

Women also said they felt more ‘Resilient’ (30%); ‘Optimistic’ (33%) and ‘Well Informed’ (30%), all increases on March figures.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the 24-hour news cycle, almost half of women (45%) said they were sick of hearing about COVID-19 and more than half (54%) said they were cutting back on the amount of news they are consuming to help with their mental health.

Instead women are looking for positive, uplifting and practical content as they continue to live under restricted social rules. 47 percent want more ideas on making meals from pantry staples; 43 percent information on health and wellness; 41 percent on nourishing food suggestions and 39 percent want to read more good news stories.

Bauer’s research director, Casey Greig, said: “The research confirms that a ‘new norm’ is being developed and that creates all sorts of new challenges and complications for brands and marketers. As a researcher it’s also telling us more than ever, it’s important to continue to keep our fingers on the pulse of the fast changing consumer landscape so we can provide market leading insights and support to our clients in navigating this new world”.

Other findings from HERpulse 4.0 survey:

  • 45 percent of women intended to continue eating healthy meals post COVID.
  • Six in ten (62%) have increased their online shopping purchases over the past two months.
  • 22 percent are drinking more alcohol now than three months ago. This increases to 27 percent of women with children.
  • More than half (53%) said now was a good time to update or restyle their living spaces.
  • When travel restrictions are relaxed, 74 percent said they planned on travelling within Australia compared to 34 percent wanting to travel overseas.
  • Almost one in two (47%) said they would look for cheaper travel options once lockdown is over.

The Federal Government’s management of the crisis has also been praised, with 88 percent of women surveyed saying it had done a ‘great job or pretty well’ compared to 51 percent in March. This view is also reflected by eight in ten (82%) who say there is no better place to be than Australia, up from 57 percent two months ago.

Andrew Cook, director of sales at Bauer Media said: “To ensure we’re creating content women want to engage with, we regularly talk to our audiences to help inform us about what they’re interested in. This latest research offers vital thought leadership for our own brands and rich insights for our commercial partners.”

“This latest round of the HERpulse research shows there is an increasing sense of positivity among Australian women as we start to come out of lockdown. The insights into women’s opinions on travel, beauty, their home life and shopping habits, along with their views of current life in Australia, offers plenty of guidance for advertisers wanting to connect with Australian women during these uncertain times.”


Source: Bauer Media, Story54 Research HERpulse 4.0 Study, May 2020, N=617, F25-64