Australian House & Garden is the trusted source of information for aspirational home owners around the country. Filled with expert advice and inspiration for every step of the homemaking journey, it holds a mirror to contemporary Australian living, making it the go-to magazine for avid renovators and decorators alike.

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Lisa Green

House & Garden occupies a special place in Australian homes. It has been the source of ideas and advice for three generations of homemakers and is now inspiring a fourth! The H&G editorial team relishes the constant challenge of staying ahead of the pack.

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*Roy Morgan Single Source, June 2017

November 2017

Top 50 Rooms

In 2017 we will again showcase the best of the best in Australian design, with quality, inspiration and innovation the markers. Highlighting design excellence in every room of the house, this year’s special – our 19th consecutive Top 50 edition - offers partners a greater level of integration and more platforms to connect with our audience than ever before.

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