Australian House & Garden is the trusted source of information for aspirational home owners around the country. Filled with expert advice and inspiration for every step of the homemaking journey, it holds a mirror to contemporary Australian living, making it the go-to magazine for avid renovators and decorators alike.

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Lisa Green

House & Garden occupies a special place in Australian homes. It has been the source of ideas and advice for three generations of homemakers and is now inspiring a fourth! The H&G editorial team relishes the constant challenge of staying ahead of the pack.

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June Issue

Bathroom Report

A beautiful bathroom is not just a sanctuary for its owner, but a way to add real value to a home. House & Garden’s Bathroom Report is a 30-page showcase of cutting edge bathroom design and credible expert advice. The report guides consumers through the planning and building process, helping our audience to realise their vision of a beautifully constructed and styled bathroom, suited to Australian families and lifestyles.

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