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COUNTRY STYLE celebrates the diversity of modern Australian living, from the country to the coast and is a trusted source of information for Australian’s who are driven by the dream of a beautiful regional lifestyle.

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Victoria Carey

Country Style has delivered a country lifestyle to Australians for the nearly 30 years. Combining quality journalism and stunning photography, we bring you stories of inspirational people and places from around Australia - coast to coast. It visits amazing homes and gardens, travels through Australia’s most vibrant regional centres and samples all the good things the country has to offer.

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December 2019

Winemakers’ Christmas

This December, Country Style speaks to the winemakers of some of Australia’s most beloved drops about what will be on their tables and in their glasses this Christmas

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December 2019

The Future of the Country

In the December issue, Country Style profiles the young people who are paving the way for the bush to rise once more. In a 10 page showcase of young entrepreneurs, on their inspiration, education and the innovations they have made.

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