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At a time of incredible evolution and positive change for women, you can find ELLE at the centre of the cultural conversation. From fashion to beauty, pop culture to politics, ELLE inspires, bringing the world to open-minded and independent women, with wit, energy and optimism. ELLE is all about fresh ideas and a future-facing outlook, and that includes innovative cover moments that push the boundaries of traditional magazines and ground-breaking executions that speak to a community of highly engaged, information hungry readers and followers across print, digital, social, and through trailblazing events. Bringing together visionary voices, diverse perspectives and uplifting imagery, ELLE is the destination for intelligent women seeking the new, now and next. Because great style is about more than just what to wear.

About the Audience

*Print & Cross Platform - Source: Roy Morgan, December 2019
*Digital - Source: Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, January 2020 People 2+
*Social Connections - Source: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, February 2020


Understanding the ELLE reader


With an average age of 28, The ELLE reader is highly social, as they are 5x more likely than the average woman to go to a nightclub, 4x more likely to go to a live entertainment event, and 2x more likely to go to a pub/hotel. She can’t live without her mobile phone, as she is 2-3x more likely than the average woman to use Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Linkedin, stream music/movies, download games, post reviews, and comment on blogs.

Understanding the ELLE reader


Typically success-driven, and seeking responsibility in her job to achieve her future goals, the ELLE reader is interested in the global future, with a particular focus on environment/sustainability matters. She sees and embraces future trends in tech, health, and travel, and she considers herself a leader, more so than a follower.

Understanding the ELLE reader


Her life is one made up of varied cultures, with only 1 in 2 readers born in Australia, and a remarkable 45% speaking a language other than English at home, compared to 19% of Australian women. She is an urban resident, with a global view of the world, being 3x more likely than the average woman to agree it only feels like a holiday if she leaves Australia.

Understanding the ELLE reader


Alone or as a team (social) she is highly active and seeking natural health choices. She is more likely to do formal exercise such as running or going to the gym, and is more than 2x more likely to enjoy tough physical activity. She is 3x more likely than the average woman to pay for personal training…. and yet at the same time she is quite a big fan of takeaway and fast food.

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