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We like to say our reader is a well-dressed woman with a well-dressed mind. She considers us an authority on luxury fashion, but she also wants her finger on the pulse when it comes to the intriguing people in its orbit, wellness and beauty trends, culture and travel. Our print edition is published 10 times a year and is a leading premium fashion magazine in Australia, boasting readers with the highest average personal income for full-time workers within the Women’s Lifestyle & Fashion category. At BAZAAR we pride ourselves on informing readers about the most beautiful, cove table and relevant ready-to-wear, accessories and jewels, while respecting the fact that our readers are some of the savviest and most stylish women in the country, with a strong sense of their personal taste.

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Eugenie Kelly

As the arbiter of trends and an authoritative voice in fashion now in its 21st year, Harper’s BAZAAR Australia is the leader in the business of creating desire.
Every image, every sentence, every second of video content, every social-media post, every event … everything we do is created and curated to ignite an emotional response and allow our readers to lose themselves in a world of luxury.
The reader is seduced by what she sees because our editors have an in-depth understanding that she doesn’t just invest in products — she invests in things that fulfil her emotional needs. Lavish, relevant and thought-provoking ...
Harper’s BAZAAR influences the influencer.

September issue


We’re living in an unstable era of massive change, so in these unpredictable times, the September issue of BAZAAR takes an eternal optimist approach by choosing to celebrate what makes us happy: fashion, fame, family. Think style lessons and the standout looks for the new season; rock ‘n’ roll royalty and their cool genes; personal stories from inspiring high-profile women and their dramatic life makeovers. Plus, Australia’s most famous actress makes magic for us. Welcome to the bright side.

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