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Take 5 is Australia’s best real life magazine, with an addictive mix of exciting and emotional real-life stories, 50+ puzzles and prizes galore. Each week, the magazine shares fascinating stories of scandal, betrayal, love and loss written in intimate first-person style. Every section is engaging and interactive, from the pull out puzzle book offering the chance to win a life-changing prize, to the lifestyle section with its family-friendly meal ideas, expert health advice, fashion and beauty inspiration and psychic insights.

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Paul Merrill

Take 5 is about real people telling each other their true stories of hope, tragedy, overcoming the odds and finding love. It also gives them a chance to dream about winning awesome puzzle prizes.

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*Print & Cross Platform - Source: Roy Morgan, June 2018
*Digital - Source: Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, October 2018. People 2+

Take 5 Bumper Monthly

Take 5 has launched an 84-page monthly magazine packed with everything readers love. Packed with gripping true stories and prize puzzles galore, huge giveaways including a $24,000 car and life-changing cash wins. There’s also lifestyle advice to help make readers’ month easier, from expert fashion and beauty ideas, the latest health news, travel inspiration, psychic specials and relaxing short stories.

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Take 5 Celebrates Christmas

For the ultimate guide to the festive season, readers turn to Take 5. Over five special issues, the magazine makes life easy, sharing all you need to know, from gorgeous gift ideas and easy home decorating projects to expert cooking specials ranging from classic baking recipes to last-minute festive feast ideas.

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Special Edition

Take 5 Mega Puzzler

The newest addition to the Puzzles portfolio, Take 5 Mega Puzzler, like Take 5 Pocket Puzzler is a brand extension of Take 5 magazine, recently voted magazine of the year.

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Special Edition

Take 5 Pocket Puzzler

The Take 5 Pocket Puzzler, is a brand extension of one of Australia’s most popular weekly magazines Take 5 with over $40,000 in cash and prizes to win each issue.

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Special Edition

Fiction Feast, Fate & Furious, Crime & Puzzles…

For readers who just can’t get enough of Take 5, Fast Feasts and Fate & Furious are Take 5's most popular ‘one shots’, chock-full of beautifully-written fiction, from feel-good romance reads, to crime and thrillers.

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