The inspiring brand for the Australian woman who’s excited about the next chapter in her life. Proudly positive, YOURS is the feel good fortnightly fix for women over 50.YOURS readers are happy, health-conscious and hard-to-fool. Canny consumers, they’re eager to learn, curious, adventurous and BUSY. They love to LOOK good and FEEL good.

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Lisa Sinclair

We offer highly relevant, trusted and useful advice, helping readers to look their best, stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time and manage their money better. We like to listen to our readers, enjoy a shared heritage, shared values and a sense of friendship and community.

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*Roy Morgan Single Source, June 2017

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YOURS Gen WOW Man of the Year

YOURS is all about celebrating amazing Australian women over 50. But we also want to acknowledge and celebrate our great men of Australia.
Whether he’s a hunky TV or film star, a good-looking doctor or radio presenter, YOURS Magazine is on the search to find our Gen WOW Man of the Year for 2017!

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YOURS RETRO gives our readers a chance to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the stars we love from Australia and overseas.

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