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“Bauer has proven to be an effective channel to help Vagisil drive awareness and trial of key lines and communicate fundamental brand messages to a targeted audience via bespoke and highly engaging content. Furthermore, Bauer deliver on campaign objectives and pre-set KPI’s to ensure a successful campaign. We would be happy to work with them again”. 

Alicia Demiri, Combe Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.



Despite Vagisil having high awareness within their category, most Australian women don’t use any feminine hygiene products at all because they don’t know that much about them and don’t think they need them.

The Customer

Bauer has 3.6 million 30+ women consuming our content every month. They are eager to engage and have an intimate, authentic  relationship with Bauer brands. They trust Bauer brands to help them sort through health decisions.

Connection Insight

The most common reason (21%) women don’t use feminine hygiene products is because they don’t think they need them.  Bauer needed a solution that normalised the conversation around vaginal health and dryness through our editorial voices.


The idea: The Vagenda

A series of engaging native videos across and to introduce Vagisil Pro Hydrate to the market and educate women on the topic of vaginal dryness.




How it looked

Wanting to avoid the stereotypical and sometimes awkward standard tutorial piece, we created three highly-engaging videos, full of pop culture references, funny GIFs and relatable celebrities, centred on three major days in women’s lives – Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day – to position Vagisil as a strong, female-focused brand that’s reliable, relatable and funny.


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