Beauty Buying Habits

Bauer Media is passionate about all things beauty from the role of beauty in women’s lives to the products and trends important for her to follow and own. Bauer Media’s powerful brands continue to help women search for, discover and most importantly purchase the latest beauty products as they look to stay on-trend. Australia's biggest beauty review website,, surveyed 2000 Australian women on their purchasing behaviour and what influences their decisions.

Reviews are the news social proof

Consumers are influenced by other people more than they realize (or are willing to admit). We now know that social norms influence consumption behavior and even private interests.
While consumers traditionally turned to experts, celebrities and friends and family for ‘social proof’ that they were making the right decision, consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews before purchasing - particularly in the beauty sector.

Making sense of a crowded market

Women are aware of and exposed to a plethora of brands and products every day - through advertising, social media and in-store. While they might consider several brands, right before purchase is when a woman will read online reviews to confirm she is making the right choice. The more reviews a product has - the higher the likelihood that it is considered a trusted brand. This is irrespective of whether the item is affordable or expensive.

Embracing in-store shopping

The majority of women still enjoy purchasing beauty products in store - particularly body products and perfume. Australian women are turning to pharmacies, department stores and specialty beauty stores to buy their beauty products.

Research on the go

Australian women have embraced the convenience of mobile browsing. Whether she’s at home, commuting or out shopping, 74% of women use their phone to do this research before purchasing a beauty/health product. This research is ‘always on’, with women researching products and saving in mind for future purchases.

Authentic influence

Celebrity endorsements and advertising have fallen out of favour with today’s consumers.
The vast majority are influenced by the reviews of 'real people' over advertising and celebrity endorsement, or even friends and family. This taps in to a growing global trend towards authenticity. Pursuit of the genuine is essential.

Trusted providers

Australian consumers look to trusted providers of online reviews to help make their decisions. Women believe that the reviews on Bauer’s beautyheaven website are credible and trustworthy and are more likely to purchase a beauty product after reading good reviews about it on the site.

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