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It’s what’s on the inside

A woman’s beauty is recognised through her personal qualities, her confidence levels and a positive
mindset. It stretches to maintaining quality relationships with others and cultivating well-being. As this definition of beauty becomes more widely accepted, the beauty industry is evolving to adapt with the messaging filtering through from product development to advertising messages.

The pressure continues to build…

Every day, women are exposed to a multitude of beauty messages and ads. With the ever-growing influence of social media, the standards and pressures of what it takes to be beautiful continue to rise. While the beauty advertising industry is still seen as inspiring and informative, there is a growing level of inadequacy felt by Australian women when unrealistic standards are pushed on them.

Nurturing beauty from within

Women know that fuelling themselves with good food and following a healthy diet is an important part of their beauty regime. They achieve this through organic and natural means from hydration, to cutting out sugars and junk food. Despite the growing market for dietary beauty and health supplements, this remains an emerging trend.

Let's keep it natural

Cosmetic surgery isn't high on Australian women's beauty 'to-do' list. Instead, most women prefer staying natural and 'keeping it real'. Non-invasive procedures such as teeth whitening and laser hair removal are more likely to be within her consideration set.

Youth preservation

Ageing concerns are now top of mind for most adult women with more than half using anti-ageing skin care products from their early 20s. Skin care needs are consciously met with organic and natural product choices and SPF is a necessary skin care requirement.

Looking good with confidence

Australian women want to look good for themselves rather than as a means to impress others. It serves to boost self-esteem and increase her confidence.


Millennial women, in particular, have a healthy appetite for online makeup tutorials seeking out makeup and hair how-tos with increasing interest in natural DIY skin care routines.

Top beauty pickups

Aussie women cherish a trip to the salon to get their hair cut, changed or coloured. And don't underestimate the power of a good hair day: four in five women say having good hair makes them feel good.

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