Inside Female Friendships

We studied how women of all ages form trusted relationships with each other and brands. Designed to help advertisers understand the forces that create, bind and maintain these valuable trusted relationships to enter the inner friendship circle and build trusted brand status with Australian women.

We uncovered 3 key female friendship truths:

“My female friends are essential to me”

4.6 is the average number of close female friends – it’s a pretty tight circle.

Entry is difficult – only 35% of women agree they love making new friends.

The 5 key roles within friendship groups

We uncovered the 5 key roles that women play within their friendship groups, giving insight into how brands can relate to women in more meaningful ways to build stronger, more intimate relationships.

The Nurturer

The Networker

The Entertainer

The Organiser

The Lil Sis

Bauer uncovered 5 opportunity areas for brands

To access this inner circle and form a trusted relationship with the female consumer, brands need to:

Normalise – through belonging and acceptance

Contribute –through confidence, entertainment and wisdom

Trust – tested and honesty

Reciprocate – unconditional commitment and validation

Ease –stress free and judgement free

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