Going Places

Bauer Media understands the importance of travel to today’s consumers. With magazines the number one paid medium for inspiring travel plans and dreams, there’s plenty of room to guide women when they are making travel plans. While most consumers have an idea of the brands they will choose when booking air travel, the rest of the field is wide-open. At the start of the planning process, half or more travel planners don’t have any brand in mind when looking at accommodation, car hire, holiday packages and cruises. If they aren’t there already, Australians are highly likely to be planning or aspiring to their next getaway or holiday of a lifetime. Bauer helps advertisers convert these travel dreams into purchases.

Intend to take a trip in next 12 months
Trusted advisors when it comes to planning a holiday or trip
First to try a new hotel or resort

The Age of Adventure

The number one motivation to travel for all generations is to relax, have ‘me-time’ and a bit of adventure. However, one generation’s adventure is another generation’s relaxation. Me-time for a Millennial could be anything from hiking a volcano to sunbathing by the sea.


If you want something done, do it yourself. Aussies prefer to be ‘the Organiser’, followed closely by the ‘Culture Explorer’ when it comes to travelling. Everyone wants to tick off their own bucket list and no one wants to miss out.

Tours R Us

Packaged tours are popular with Millennials, Generation X and of course Baby Boomers – but for different reasons. The Millennial attraction to packaged tours stems from containing costs, making the most of locations, safety and socialising

Posting and boasting

When it comes to travel, Gen Z is addicted to posting adventures and Gen X is not entirely immune. While social media is increasingly becoming a core part of the travel experience, the majority of travellers agree it has damaged the authenticity of travel.

When dreams (don’t) become reality

For many Australian women, reality gets in the way of their dream holiday. While more than half of all women want an island getaway, less than 10% will get it as their next trip. In the end, family becomes the priority.

Priorities, priorities, priorities

When travelling, a woman’s focus is on seeing everything as planned, taking photos and trying out new cuisines. Items on her at-home to-do list such as meeting someone special, discovering new skills and looking fashionable fall by the wayside.