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Published by Bauer Media Books February 2019

Penelope's Playground

‘Writing this book was important to me, from my own experiences and from my daughter Pixie’s experiences too. Growing up, I was a cross-eyed little girl with glasses to correct my lazy eye, so I know how important it is for kids to be accepting of people’s differences. In 2016 we faced the toughest 12 months of our lives, when Pixie’s father was sent to jail and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If this book can help even just a few kids to understand that we should be kind to one another no matter what our differences or circumstances, then Pixie and I have done our job.’ – Roxy Jacenko



110 Years of Rugby League

Published by Bauer Media Books August 2018

Talking to the author of ‘110 Years of Rugby League’, Martin Lenehan, about my career has brought back so many incredible memories. It took me back to when I was a young boy listening to the footy on radio 4BH and the caller, George Lovejoy, would sign off at the end of the game the same way every week. He’d say, ‘ladies and gentlemen, there we have it’, and then he’d give the score, and then say, ‘until we meet next time, rugby league football, the greatest game of all’. You got that right, George.
- Wally Lewis, Rugby League Immortal