Three questions every retailer needs to ask this Christmas

Posted 6 November 2017 in Blog

The quest for consumer attention is never more competitive than in the lead-up to Christmas. In this blog post, Bauer Media Strategy Directors Rebecca Jelley (Sydney) and Will Jamison (Melbourne) look at how magazines can leverage their influence to create customers for your business this silly season.

In the run-up to Christmas, it is critical for retail brands to achieve stand-out while leading consumers to purchase. At Bauer, we’re aware that achieving the right balance between brand activity and retail messaging to drive activation is just one of the challenges faced by retailers during this crucial period.

With this intensive consumer journey compressed into just a few months, retail communications need to work even harder than they do during non-seasonal periods.

So what questions should you be asking as you prepare for December 25? And most importantly, how can we help?

There’s no question that the path to purchase is more complicated for today’s consumer than ever before. As such, it pays to assess how customers are moving through your purchase funnel.

While studies show magazine media impacts different stages of the funnel for specific categories – for example, magazines over-index in the fashion and jewellery category for advocacy and relevance while beauty brands see an uptick in familiarity – overall, magazine brands are the strongest all-rounder on key brand KPIs.

Magazines excel at helping consumers understand how a brand will meet their needs as well as what makes a product unique or better than others making them a powerful ally in the Christmas crush.



There are typically two types of shoppers during the Christmas period: the Early Birds and the Last Minute Panickers. The Early Birds have a systematic approach to planning, will seek inspiration early and have all elements of Christmas from gifts, food and decorations budgeted.

The Last Minute Panickers look for easily digestible content that makes their search efficient while relying on trusted brands for assurance when it comes to spur-of-the-moment decisions.

Magazines have the credentials and context to offer both inspiration and indulgence for the Early Birds; but also the trust and knowledge to accommodate the Last Minute Panickers.

Furthermore, there is a need for a balance of pleasure and purpose over the festive period when consumers are busy looking for entertainment, gifting and food inspiration. While most media channels only deliver against one of the two, magazine brands occupy a unique position being applicable to both. Magazine brands are top for pleasurable reward moments and second only to search for purposeful information.

By including magazines in the media mix, you’ll be best equipped to meet a broad range of customer needs these holidays.

Advertising clutter combined with increasing ad avoidance is further exaggerated in the lead up to Christmas. This makes truly connecting with consumers all the more valuable, however, it is a difficult sell during this time.

Magazines are uniquely placed to rise above the chatter with readers viewing the moments they spend with their favourite magazine brands as coveted “me” time. With the average reader spending a total of one hour and 17 minutes reading print magazines, no other media can boast a similar level of engagement. That’s not to discount online magazine media which plays a vital role in the media mix alongside print. In fact, a UK research study found that magazines online are 41% more impactful on brand KPIs than other environments.

Additionally, the consumption of magazine content is driven by high levels of personal interest making the expertise of magazine brands in their distinct areas uniquely appealing to audiences that are eager to engage.

In short, magazine brands deliver receptive audiences across platforms that are excited and ready to engage with content and advertisers. Magazine brands have the power to turn audiences into customers for you this Christmas.


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